Monday, July 24, 2017

Chrytse CJF "Chrissy"

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Renowned KFPS Breeder, Darcy Miller of Crown Jewel Friesians for the exceptional opportunity to own this beautiful rare filly!

Chrytse CJF is FULL Papered/FULL Pedigree (Julius 486) filly out of Rolls Royce of Motherlines!  She’s an Oege 267 Preferent line filly (the hair man). Dam has consistently produced beautiful foals with incredible Oege/Anton manes and tails and proven winners at the North American KFPS Keurings.  Her dam is Star Mare, Liske E *2 (of 2) daughter of the famous Elbricht MODEL-DOUBLE PREFERENT PRESTANTIE MOTHER (Crown Jewel *8) the most predicated KFPS Mare in History ever sired by the legendary, Oege 267 Preferent!  Her sire is the amazing JULIUS 486!  Grand Sire is Norbert 444 Sport x Beart 411 Preferent.  Norbert was the World Champion Friesian Stallion in 2012, 2013 and 2014, making KFPS history!  The motherline is exceptional and the producer of a VERY HIGH number of approved stallions. Chrytse has a low inbreeding 1.76%, which will be a huge asset to our breeding program. The full paper is over the last 75 years, close to the inception of stam 44, and begins with Daetke M+P.  Within the motherline, Liske E’s sister gave birth to Olgert 445 that was approved a few years ago.  Olgert's 1st foal crop gave him an Approved son.  Liske's other sister, Model mare Renske, had a daughter that gave birth to Fonger 478 that was approved in 2014.  Liske’s great great grandmother, Marriannke Star Preferent gave birth to Chrytzen 246.  Chrytse's dam, Liske E Star, is already half way to Preferent herself on her first two offspring!  (Ivanke CJF Star) earned KEURING DAY CHAMPION and CHAMPION MARE. She brought the following scores for trot: Length 107, Strength 108, Balance 106 and Elasticity 107 which is a score of 8. Additionally Liske's son (Frans CJF Star) earned the STAR STALLION predicate in 2014.  The Star Stallion predicate is rare and is only awarded to stallions that are judged to be “superior” in both conformation and movement.  He is very rich in type and received an 8. Judges comments: Very good trot, lots of power, bending, space and suspension.  Chryste is out of the bloodline line of the accomplished and well known Jan van’t Ende, breeder of GENERATIONS of Breeding Day CHAMPION ELBRICHTS in the Netherlands as well as winners in sport. His mare Elbricht was the first filly out of Tiete Star, Tiete was bred by the former MAIN INSPECTOR of the KFPS, Hendrik Draaier from Twijzel.  The dam’s pedigree paired with the Julius 486 brings:

One TRIPLE Preferent Crown Jewel Mare *13 (only mare in the history of the KFPS to ever achieve this)

Two DOUBLE Preferent Crown Jewel Mares *11 and *8

Total Preferents 36 (Preferent Mares 20, Preferent Stallions 16)

Prestatie Mothers 6

Sport Predicate 11

Chrytse’s Dam grows a 4 foot long mane, so she has this in her bloodlines. (Julius 486 x Ulke 338 Sport x Oege 267 Preferent x Cobus 248 (from the rare Age 168 line).  Chrytse has been bred for health, temperament and this line has consistently excelled in sport ability.  Chrytse is guaranteed to be 100% free of Hydrocephalus (DNA gene test) and NEGATIVE for Dwarfism (DNA marker test).

HIGHLIGHTS of Dam’s Performance Record:

USEF National Farnham Platform HORSE OF THE YEAR CHAMPION in Specialty


USEF/USDF (A rated) FHANA World Championship Horse Show HIGH POINT CHAMPION (3) out of 82 Friesians.

USEF/USDF/FSHR Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show (A rated)
OPEN Friesian Breed Class OVERALL HIGH POINT FRIESIAN (all genders).


USEF NATIONAL CHAMPION Friesian filly (2 and under).

USEF NATIONAL LEADING SIRE (3rd) for performance of offspring of Ulke 338 (Liske E).

NEFHC Friesian Horses Classic Horse Show OVER ALL SHOW CHAMPION for Friesian In-hand (3). Mare In-hand CHAMPION. LIBERTY CHAMPION (3) leaving many stallions in her wake. DRESSAGE SUITABILITY CHAMPION. DRESSAGE CHAMPION (Intro B&C).

USEF Region 1 HORSE OF THE YEAR CHAMPION in 2 categories

USEF/USDF (A rated) CRAA Horse Show Overall High Point Friesian Champion and Overall High Point Champion Mare.

Liske E was retired from competition at an early age to be in the breeding barn! She ended her show career being the NATIONAL POINTS LEADER of both the USEF and IFSHA!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Renowned KFPS Breeder, Darcy Miller of Crown Jewel Friesians for the exceptional opportunity to own this beautiful rare filly!

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